Scarlette Post Volume One

Boutique Home stay In DelhiAs trees of Tesu line Delhi, we bid goodbye to spring to welcome an Indian summer. The city turns shades of Scarlette and what better time could it be to bring you our first issue of SCARLETTE POST, a newsletter sharing all things travel and design made with love. For Issue one, we have curated a recipe from our kitchen, a guide to getaway, reviewed a textile exhibit to inspire you as well as explored Delhi deeper only so you could experience more. We bring you behind the scenes from our atelier sharing our upcycled vintage finds as well as all the exciting initiatives at our home in Delhi.


Ladakh, IndiaLet’s keep moving
Solo or together
Through lows and highs
Through shaded and sunny slopes
Through colours and tones
Through rocks and stones

Like whispering streams
Let’s bloom in the barren fields
Where water meets sand
Let’s keep moving

-Sayali Goyal

As summer approaches North India, we are already thinking of weekend getaways from Delhi. And what could be better than The Himalayas! Here is a curated guide to Leh for that creative traveller in you. LUNCH at Bon appetit and SHOP at The Apricot shop for local and organic juices and soaps. Jigmat couture for Pashmina and Gulshan Bookshop for Urdu and Persian Poetry translations can make for great buys. VISIT Leh palace for the best views of the city and climb monasteries and stupas. Stop at the highest cafe in the world for Kahwa and Maggi and Camp at Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake. Don’t forget to spot Zanskar and Indus rivers.


Boutique homestay in delhi

From our Kitchen team, Meet Basanti and her wonderful Chocolate Cake. And yes, you can make it too! Here is the recipe:

Separate 6 egg whites and whisk till they form stiff peaks. Combine the (220gm) butter and (250gms) chocolate, melting over the stove and allow to cool down to room temperature before continuing. mix in the 4 Tps of cornflour, a pinch of salt, (200gms) sugar and egg yolk to chocolate mix. slowly fold in the beaten white eggs. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.


Lutyens Delhi Modern Architecture

Influenced and Inspired by Gandhi and Martin  Luther, Joseph Stein an American architect designed the India International Centre in 1962 with other institutional buildings like the current day Unesco, WWF, Habitat Centre and Triveni Auditorium.His philosophy was about simplicity and inclusive growth which can be seen in his architectural style with simple lines, exposed concrete and marrying of flora and fauna with the buildings. Use of local materials, keeping in mind functionality, modern regionalism became apparent. Lodhi Estate was chosen for such cultural buildings as it has a lot of natural light and due to its extensive greenery, he could imagine the indoor and outdoor merging. This was also inspired by Tagore’s way of thinking and hence one can see many planted trees from the 50’s. A balance of beauty, response to the cultural context are proving of him being a purist. Most elements like the sunscreen device, Hexagon and triangular cemented blocks to make ceilings, blue jaalis used as decorative elements inspired by the Lodhi gardens tombs, chips floorings, all were made on site and were prove of craftsmanship available at that time.

-Sayali Goyal


We recently visited an exhibit by Rita Chisti, a textile historian and Devi Art Foundation at the Crafts Museum called’ A sense of Five directions’. The exhibit featured brocades, patola silks, zari amongst other pattern and textures. We highly recommend you visit this exhibit in April.





Featuring Our Chandigarh There is an interesting story that these chairs in the 60’s when Le Corbusier and Jeanneret designed the city of Chandigarh was designed alongside the city. The attention was paid to not just the architecture but furniture as well used in the governmental offices and flats. The governments of Delhi then copied the style. Today these are not used anymore but we have found a way to upcycle these beauties that can be often found on the streets! We get them repaired, recanned and send them to France. What a way to re-use and be sustainable. I find it interesting how this style never uses nails but only teak wood. Of course, now we use wherever necessary, but I find it so satisfying to have a piece of design that has been restored from the 60’s.Yes, you can own it too from our shop! /vintage/fauteuil-en-bois


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